We have a long-standing reputation for being very honest and fair when it comes to our rates as well as our business practices. We strive to have a barn of happy and well trained horses, regardless of discipline and owners are welcome to call or make an appointment to visit to see their horse's progress. To better serve our customers, we have new rates as well as a new training option that we believe is a great option for a breeder who is looking to get their young stock started at an affordable rate and sold to a good home.
We offer our training services to all breeds and in some cases are able to offer reduced fees for ponies and gaited horses.

Standard Training and Board $750 per month (April 1-October 31)
This is our standard training rate for horses that already part of our show string or are intended to join our show string. This training will cover all aspects of training from start to finish whether in harness or under saddle to veterans of the show ring that need to be kept in shape for the show ring. Optional weekly lessons are included for you and your horse as we feel that practicing with your equine partner before you reach the show to be very important for show ring success.

Winter Training and Board $650 per month (November 1-March 31)
When the demands of show season are over, winter is the perfect time for young horses to begin their training and show ring veterans to work at a less strenuous level or begin learning something new. All standard training horses will be given this reduced rate automatically during the winter months.

Sale horse training and board $550 per month
This reduced training and board price is brand new and ideal for someone who is not interested in showing, but would like to have their horse trained to ride and/or drive with the intent to sell. Your horse will have the same level of care and training, but owner will be subject to a %15 commision when the horse is sold. If you choose to switch your horse to standard training within 60 days, standard commision rates will apply.

Stall board $375
Stall board is available on a limited basis for full care. Any supplements you supply will be given at no additional cost. Turnout and blanketing at your discretion is also included.

Pasure Board $250
Your horse will be given free choice water, shelter, and minerals. Hay and grain are both provided with this price.

Evaluations for suitability are offered by either a weekly or monthly rate depending on what the horse is being evaluated for. Call Kathryn for details.

There will be a 10% commission on all horses sold or purchased unless otherwise noted

Veterinary bills will be directly billed to the horse owner.
Farrier and deworming will be on your monthly training bill when applicable.

***Multiple horse discounts will be considered***

Prices subject to change with 30 day notice

Feel free to Contact us by phone, email, or regular mail for inquiries regarding sales, breeding, training, and showing.
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Email: SocietyStables @ aol.com
Mail: 1975 E Rusk Rd Troy, Ohio 45373

Kathryn Schwartz- owner/trainer
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